​The Tiwi Islands are a must-do on any Northern Territory itinerary.

Comprising Bathurst and Melville Islands, with a population of around 2500, the Tiwi Islands are only 80km north of Darwin and very accessible via the 2.5 hour SeaLink ferry service.

The Tiwi Islands are known as 'the islands of smiles'. The Tiwi people are internationally renowned for their individual style of art including carvings and bright textile designs. Prized by collectors, many Tiwi artists have exhibited around the world.

The SeaLink ferry service operates to Wurrumiyanga (formerly known as Nguiu) on Bathurst Island. No permit is required to visit Wurrumiyanga, however if you venture further afield, please contact the Tiwi Land Council for your permit as the Tiwi Islands are private land.

Wurrumiyanga boasts three art centres, the culture museum, the old Catholic mission precinct, as well as Pukamani (burial) poles in the cemetery. To get the best from your visit, book one of the tours where you will have a local Tiwi guide to show you their community. 

Climate - what kind of weather should I expect?

June - September (Dry Season) 
Temperatures range from 18 degrees celsius at night to approximately 33 degrees during the day. There is very limited rain, with occasional fog or sea mist. Bush fires, burning and smoke may occur.

October - May (Wet Season) 
Temperatures range from 25 degrees celsius to approximately 38 degrees with high humidity. There are regular tropical thunderstorms, tropical monsoons and cyclones may occur.

Money - do I need to take cash or can I use credit card?
Most stores on Bathurst Island have ATMS for use during opening hours. Credit + EFTPOS cards are accepted,

Mobile coverage 
Mobile phone coverage is limited to Telstra or a Telstra compliant network only in Wurrumiyanga. Public phones are located in Wurrumiyanga also.

Discover our Tiwi Tours
Tiwi Islands day tours due to resume on the 23rd July - Thursdays and Fridays